Two new swimsuit models burn their eyes in the summer of 2018 to help the girls float on the beach.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Summer is the chance to get dressed in hot bikinis. With the 3 types of swimsuit below, whether it's a full thong or a rope, a modest bust or a bust ... you will find it easy to find the right swimsuit style and fit for you.

1. Retro brick bathroom retro

This year, bikinis with retro brick designs are trending back and attracting the attention of the ladies who love classic styles. This retro style is quite suitable for the girl who wants to be the center of the beach by hot orange colors such as orange, yellow, red ...

2. Red hot bath gown

It would be a mistake if you ignored the red bikini design during the summer sea voyage. This sexy color is a highlight for the wearer to wear white skin, long legs.