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This site is operated by OneOffice. Please read the terms & amp; terms before using or registering on this site. You must fully agree to these terms and conditions if you wish to use the Site. If you do not agree to any of these terms and conditions, you will not be able to use this site in any way.

Website usage

TZT Fashion has been registered for ownership at state agencies, prohibiting all organizations and individuals that use the whole or part of the website to serve personal interests, purposes Other business without the written consent of the legal representative for TZT Fashion website.

When signing up for a personal account on the website, you must ensure that all information is true. We do not deal with any complaints or inquiries if registration information and personal identification information do not match.

You have the responsibility to protect your account on the website, if any account is revealed or lost account information, please contact immediately with TZT Fashion to be processed in time. >

We are not responsible for any issues arising out of your account being compromised.


All products and all content on this website are our property, and it is strictly prohibited to reproduce in any form without the prior written consent of TZT Fashion. On the website protected by copyright law in Vietnam law, all violations are sanctioned in accordance with the law.

Secure payment

Currently, TZT Fashion only applies 2 forms of payment: cash payment and transfer. Therefore, customers do not provide online payment information if there are any requests from online payment websites. Absolutely do not let other people borrow the card and regularly check the bank account to detect in time if any unexpected outage.

We will update the latest payment method at TZT Fashion website if available. Therefore, please visit the website regularly for information.